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Docking Summer Season from May 15 to Oct. 15, 2024


Docking Pricing with Service (Minimum pricing of 25 feet)

• Docking + Service for Seasonal Customer $65/Foot

• Dockage With Service / Monthly $29/Foot

• Dockage With Service / Week $17/Foot

• Dockage With Service / Day $3/Foot

Sailboat support: legs and chains.

$8.50/Foot Blocking (Motorboat, Flat Dinghy, Pontoon).

$6.50 / Foot / Season Ber or Trailer Storage

or Customer Paws125$ /Season

(4) A deposit of $300, non-refundable, is required for any reservation of a dock, mooring or storage.

(5) No one may sublet or lend their dock or storage space.

Summer Storage 2024 from May 15 to October 15 or Winter Storage 2024-2025, Oct. 15 to May 15

Other Warehousing Services

• Monthly storage $12/Foot

• Weekly storage $5/Foot

• Exit or Launch. $10/Foot

• Mechanical service and various workshop. 115$/Hour

• Towing (first ½H). 160$

• Towing (extra time). /Hour $150

(6) If you sell your boat, you automatically lose your dock space, to storage and this without any reimbursement. On the other hand, if you purchase a new boat, everything will only depend on the conditions and availability of the Marina.

(7) When your boat is not docked, the Marina can temporarily rent your dock space without any compensation to you.

(8) Prices and conditions as of 2024 and subject to change without notice.

Storage / Season

• If required: Exit and launch. (only 1 time for the entire periods) • Access to water and 15A electricity when available.

• Pressure washing the hull if required

• On the customer's cradle or legs. Storage for Annual Customer / Continuous $34/Foot

• New Seasonal Customer Storage without Dock $34/Foot

• N.B.: The Boat cannot be used to stay on Board.

• N.B.: If required: In addition, Blocking or Supports as appropriate.

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